This blog is dedicated to documenting the Retail Workers Rights Committees campaign against Family Dollar Stores in El Paso, and other workers justice campaigns.

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  1. glenn stewart says:

    Nice to find this site…I worked as a front line manager and an executive for several nationals…including Dollar Tree, and have written a ‘tell-all’ book about what I did, and what I know. The book is titled, “Underlings: The Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read.”

    Mine is a serious book, directed at the retail worker, especially those in management required to carry-out the exploitation of the most vulnerable workers.

    Would be happy to share what I have…

  2. T. MOORE says:

    16 yr. manager at family dollar, quit because of loosing 11 days of vac. in
    april of this year 2011. unable to find and train ass. in short timeframe-
    us it or loose it mindset held by family dollar. unable to contact
    district manager to discuss issue after leaving “voice mail.”

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